Count Aalto

An old, stern Lord proud and unforgiving, but considered just by most.


Title: Lord Count of House Altus and Warden of the Thorn Woods
Physique: Old and bearded with noble features.

King: King Borarak Grand Duke and Wreath Bearer of Royal House Trinis
Liege Lord: Duke Kyyvesi of House Sintajari
Rival: Count Falorarg of House Varis
Allies: Count Ita of House Harjaanen and Count Velus of House Sakari


Lord Aalto has ruled House Aalto as long as most living men can remember, but in recent years rarely ever leaves Artus Keep or descend from the dragon’s arse as the mountain outcrop is called which overlooks Irum’s Crossing, the largest town of House Aalto.

There are whispers that the rebellion war that ravaged throughout the South Meadows has aged Lord Aalto greatly and the costs of the war has depleted the treasury. Some even suggest that it is time for Lord Aalto to step down as he has so far failed to secure the territories newly won from the defeated Count Tamrion of traitor House Panya, and if something is not done House Varis may be able to make a claim on the spoils won by House Artus.

Count Aalto

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