Elnar Archer / Forester

Gender: Male Characteristics
Physique: Lean Loner
Wealth: Well-off Sleeps with one eye open
Strength: 1 Path: Way of the Archer
Agility: 3 - Archer’s Aim
Dexterity: 2 - True Aim
Sight: 2
Cunning: 2 Relationships
Wisdom: 3 Enemy: The Black Order
Demon: 2 Ally: The Shadow Empire (but does he know that they are his ally?)
Spirit: 2
Toughness: Frail Dodge: 3d6
Reflex: 2d10 Block: 3d6

Language: Elven (d12; speak, write)
Language: Vren (d6; speak)

3d6 Academic Lore (Geography) – Wisdom – d6
3d6 Melee (Swords) – Agility – d6
2d10 Ranged (Bows, Thrown) – Sight – d10
3d6 Stealth (Forest) – Agility – d6
2d6 Hunting (Forest) – Cunning – d6
2d6 Survival (Forest) – Cunning – d6
3d6 Beast Lore (Forest) – Wisdom – d6
3d6 Herb Lore (Forest) – Wisdom – d6
3d6 Athletics (Dodge) – Agility – d6
2d6 Craft (Wood, Leather) – Dexterity – d6

War Gear & Equipment
Long Bow, Broad Sword, Leather Scale Cuirass, Nasal Helm, Leather Greaves, Leather Bracers
Knapsack with Travelling Gear


In the times of the Elven Empire, Baradin’s family tended the forests to the south-east of Arden. The Empire fell and the Elven Lords left, but the family still tends the forests. For generations, the family’s holding has protected the bickering Arden nobles without them being aware of the existence of the foresters. Incursions from the mountains and forests of the Grimlands are met and defended against. It is time for Baradin to see more of the world, before taking his place as forester and guardian.

Despite Baradin never seeing an Elf, he is very loyal to the idea of the Elven Empire and the Elven Lords – which he sees as the rightful Lords of Arden. His family has instilled this loyalty with the stories of the old days. Whether the ideal would hold in the light of an actual encounter is yet to be tested.

Grand Aspiration: Defend Arden and earn his place as Forester Lord
Immediate Aspiration: Learn more of the outside world
Counter Aspiration: Arden belongs to its rightful Lords


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