character creation guide

So you want to create a character, well, then you have come to the right place.

It is encouraged that everyone creates their own character, but if you would like to try out a session first then you can ask to have one assigned to you (feel free to suggest a character concept or type of character you would like to play). If you like this character you can keep him or her, or you can create a new one.

If you own Fantasy Dice or Crimson Exodus then you can go ahead and create a character using those rules along with the guidance here. If you do not own either then this page will get you started and you can ask other players or the GM for help privately or on the forums.

All characters must be created online and made public so others can see your character. When you create a new character please share a link to that character on the campaign forum. Players are encouraged to look at existing characters (both NPCs and players) and create links to them through aspirations and relationships (personal relationships will need agreement of course).

Make sure you create a character that is driven by ambition, curiosity, vengeance, love, hatred, family, friendship, honour, rivalry, greed, debt, poverty, duty, fear, disease or anything else you can think of. Give your character aspirations, characteristics and relationships that will put him or her on the path of adventure and links you to the world and people around you.

Step 1 – People: See the campaign homepage for a brief setting intro and rundown of the various peoples. The safest choice is always a Bardur commoner or noble, but create a character you will enjoy playing.

The remaining steps apply only to those who don’t have the books.

Step 2 – Attributes: All attributes default to 2. This will be adjusted based on your race, but if you don’t have the book don’t worry about that and the GM can do so for you.

Step 3 – Skills: You will be able to speak (and maybe read/write) your own tongue and select a bunch of skills. Without the book you will need the GM or another player to help you assign skill dice and select specialities, but a good starting point is for you to list all the skills you would like to know in order of importance for you. The very first skill will be your strongest occupational skill and after that just list the skills in order of importance for you. You can choose a few skills you are expert at, or pick a lot of skills if you prefer to be more of a generalist. Choose either 5 (professional), 6 (semi-professional) or 7 (generalist) from this list: Academic Lore, Alchemy, Arcane Lore, Athletics, Beast Lore, Black Arts, Construction, Crafts, Dominate, Healing, Herb Lore, Interrogate, Language, Melee, Public Speaking, Ranged, Sailing, Sleight of Hand, Smithing, Smooth Talking, Sorcery, Stealth, Surgery, Survival, Warfare, Witchcraft.

The GM or a player will sort out the die rating for each skill, and assign or suggest appropriate specialities – as always use the forum to ask questions. Some skills may not be allowed for certain peoples and so depending on your choices changes might need to be made.

Step 4 – Talent: Choose one thing your character is really good at which is not covered by a skill.

Step 5 – Customise: You can increase your wealth for better starting gear, spend 20 experience on skills (a speciality costs 8xp increase a die type costs the same as the next die up) or increase one attribute by one.

Step 6 – Path: A path will be suggested for you.

Step 7 – Aspirations: Goals and desires that you wish to strive towards in play and which motivate your character. Pick one Grand Aspiration that you may never achieve, an immediate aspiration and a counter aspiration that conflicts with your previous choices.

Step 8 – Characteristics: Pick two character traits that have both a positive and negative side.

Step 9 – Skills: Create (or pick from existing NPCs if agreed with GM or player with existing relationship) a personal ally and enemy.

Step 10 – Gear: You will most likely be assigned some appropriate starting gear, but feel free to write down anything you would like to start with which you think is appropriate and affordable.

Obviously creating a character without the rules is going to be a bit of a challenge, but as long as you explain what sort of character you want it should be possible to work with other players and the GM to have one created.

character creation guide

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