The Sandbox

Where this journey goes is up to you. Make it spectacular!

The sandbox is a player driven, open world campaign for Crimson Exodus using the Fantasy Dice rules and it is recommended you take the time to read through the wiki page.

We already have a small party of players who have created characters and we are about to organise the second session using Fantasy Grounds II, but new players are welcome and should use the “Want to join” button on the right to send the GM a note.

All players are asked to maintain an online character sheet to share with fellow players and GM, and to introduce themselves and participate on the forum.

Dark times are upon us.

The Setting

Crimson Exodus is a fantasy setting in an era of swords and bows, where magic is feared and the power in the west wanes as the Elven Empire crumbles and the Kingdoms of the east battle and scheme to come out on top.

The Known World is a vast territory, but this sandbox campaign is set far to the east, in the Bardur Kingdoms. The starting point will be the Kingdom of South Meadows which is well situated for all sorts of adventures. In a world that is often sparsely populated and dominated by wilderness South Meadows is a relatively densely populated trade hub with fertile lands. However, a recent civil war has ravaged the kingdom and divided the noble Houses, and although King Borarak of House Trinis still rules the kingdom is far from safe. The kingdom of Beria is openly hostile, pirates sail the rocky seas to the south and no one likes to speak of the things that swim across the Serpent River from the Grimlands.

House Artus

Initially every adventure or campaign set in this world will start from House Artus – a poor but proud House with an ancient history. Built on the mountain outcrop known as the dragon’s arse Artus Keep was built by the founder of House Artus – Lord Artus himself – on command of his Elven commander. Near the border to the Grimlands haunted by Hill Demons and worse monsters it provides safety for travellers north and south, and overlooks the small but thriving trading village of Irum’s Crossing down in the valley.

Not much more will be said about House Artus here as such matters are better revealed in play, and because you as players are encouraged to contribute to both its history and future.

House Artus Keep on the Dragon's Arse

The Races

Seeing as the game is set deep within the Bardur Kingdoms the most obvious choice is as a commoner or noble of House Artus, or perhaps one of its neighbouring Houses or even one of the neighbouring kingdoms.


The bardur people are made up of men with a myriad of traditions and sub-cultures. Each kingdom a regionally distinct culture ruled by an aristocracy clearly segregated from those they rule by language, appearance and ancestry.


It is also possible to play one of the diminutive descendants of the defeated Serpent Empire – the Toth. Short with bony, emaciated sun-baked bodies they are feared and hated by the Bardur commoners, but derided and ruthlessly exploited by the Bardur nobility as they toil away as faithful servants. Yet, in their fatalistic hearts burns a fierce hatred and deep rooted conviction that their time will come.


It is also possible to play some of the far less common people who might have arrived in South Meadows from far away. Like one of the savage Orcs who occasionally arrive on pirate ships, or across the border from Marang, or one of their more cunning half-kin the Senshoul. Even a stray Heartlander or one of the strange Maktiti nomads might have made their way to South Meadows on a trade ship from the distant and fabled city of Holmcrag.

Exotic Races

Dwarves and Elves? A Dwarf is almost unthinkable, and an Elf would be a rare sensation that would attract a lot of attention but more plausible. To avoid disappointment make sure you run your idea by the GM and potential fellow adventurers. This is true not just for the choice of your people, but for your concept in general to ensure you create a character that will fit in and have something to contribute without causing more trouble than its worth.

The Sandbox

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